Do you require Surveying Services?

Masters Surveying is an integrated, multi-disciplinary surveying services provider offering the full range of cadastral, construction, engineering and mining surveying services.

Do you require Surveying Services?

Masters Surveying is a leading surveying company operating in New South Wales and Queensland, with offices in Brisbane, Wollongong, Mackay, Gladstone and Rockhampton.

Do you require Surveying Services?

At Masters Surveying, our expertise and proven industry experience allow us to work across multiple disciplines and projects.

Do you require Surveying Services?

At Masters Surveying our experienced team offer their expertise on a variety of challenging projects.

Accurate Surveys Tailored to your Needs

Masters Surveying provides integrated surveying services across Queensland and New South Wales. Our multi-disciplinary approach is based on complete and end-to-end service delivery. Capable of offering a full range of surveying solutions (across diverse locations and sectors), we are fully registered, certified, and 100% focused on the job at hand.

At Masters Surveying, belief in upfront communication, professional relationships, and tailored delivery allows us to contribute to all projects, regardless of size or requirements. Our staff take pride in our comprehensive range of skills, acquired from many years job experience. We offer solutions ranging from engineering, civil and cadastral surveys to highly technical spatial, structural and mine site surveys.


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Surveying Services

Our team delivers professional surveying tailored to the needs of your project and industry sector. We have the proven capability to deliver results on time, within budget, and beyond expectations.

We offer the following core services:

  • Cadastral surveying for land development and land tenure
  • Roads and large civil infrastructure projects for government, councils, and civil contractors
  • Commercial and residential building surveys
  • Investigation engineering surveys for detail features, contours, and volumes
  • As constructed surveys to locate constructed assets, including BIM, GIS, and ADAC
  • Spatial and structural positioning surveys using scanners and drone UAVs
  • Engineering and cadastral surveys on mine sites for setout, volumes, leases, and structural positioning


Specialist Surveying Services

At Masters Surveying, our expertise and proven industry experience allow us to work across multiple disciplines and project scenarios.

Masters Surveying have been involved with many marine and industrial facilities. During that time, we have performed structural surveys for a number of companies who work at these facilities. We have also been involved with onsite rail replacement for stacker reclaimers, upgrades to new stacker reclaimers, assisting with the installation of new conveyors and upgrades for ship loaders.

On the Bowen Basin mine sites, Masters Surveying have worked on coal handling facilities, conveyor belts and other construction type surveys. Our team was required to carry out high precision survey measurements of the components during maintenance or construction. Our experience from these projects is sought after as this is a very specialised field of surveying.


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Join our Team

Masters Surveying is a proud, capable, and connected team of professionals working at the forefront of the surveying industry. Our company culture is based on excellence, accountability, and communication.

Company progression is a cornerstone of the Masters Surveying ethos, and is a direct correlation to the development and personal growth of our people. With an expanding business, Masters Surveying are always looking for the correct mix of surveying skills to compliment the team.

We encourage you to submit your CV and cover letter, via the link below, to start a conversation about your future with us.