Masters Surveying in Central Queensland

Masters Surveying in Central Queensland

by | Aug 14, 2023 | Civil Construction, Engineering Survey

Masters Surveying has been operating in New South Wales and Queensland for over 60 years. Our highly capable and well-connected team works at the forefront of the surveying industry, with a wide range of surveying services delivered to a diverse client base. Our company culture is based on excellence, accountability, and communication. We have an eye for detail and the proven capability to work successfully across the surveying landscape.

Our valued team operates from offices in Brisbane, Wollongong, Mackay, Gladstone and Rockhampton. We are well-equipped to service clients up and down the east coast, with some offices specialising in particular surveying tasks. We value the hard work and ongoing development of all employees and strive to be an ‘employer of choice’ for the most talented people in the industry.

We are always looking for enthusiastic and dedicated team members across all of our surveying specialties. When you become part of the Masters Surveying team, you are welcomed into a close community of like-minded professionals with a focus on precision, professionalism, and customer service.

Our team members are highly valued, our company culture is widely inclusive, and our people are well compensated to inspire hard work and loyalty. Our team enjoys a range of social events throughout the year, and each and every staff member is treated with kindness and respect. At Masters Surveying, our people work together every day to build positive relationships, produce great results, and deliver lasting value through the power of teamwork.

Our Central Queensland offices are looking for Senior Surveyors and Surveyors to join the team. Express your interest online in joining our Team in Mackay, Rockhampton and Gladstone.

Central Queensland Surveying

Central Queensland Surveying Team.

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Annual Surveillance Audit

Annual Surveillance Audit

Masters Surveying recently completed its annual surveillance audit for its Health & Safety, Quality and Environmental Protection systems. SAI Global carried out the audits and we passed with flying colours!

The 3 ticks of credibility for our certification include:

1. Quality Management Training ISO 9001
2. Occupational Health & Safety ISO 45001
3. Environmental Management Systems Training ISO 14001

Masters Surveying has been certified for these systems since 2012. Masters Surveying is well known for having systems and processes in place that ensure compliance with these certifications. Our Policies and Procedures are well documented, with our onboarding process and ongoing coaching of our Team, designed to support our Surveyors to do their job well (and safely).

If you want to join the Team, our Central Queensland and Wollongong Teams are looking for Surveyors / Senior Surveyors. Visit the current vacancies page on our website to apply today!