Barcaldine Ski Park

Project Details


Longreach, Queensland


Barcaldine Regional Council

Barcaldine Ski Park

After many years of planning by the Barcaldine Regional Council, the Barcaldine Recreation Park opened in October 2021 in Outback Queensland. The 1.1 km lake has been designed for use for all types of recreational activities including canoeing, kayaking, wind surfing, skiing, fishing and swimming.

The project concept started in 2016, with construction commencing in 2019. Hoffmann Surveyors (now known as Masters Surveying) was engaged to complete the cadastral surveying work to prepare applications to the Department of Resources to allow for part of the Barcaldine Township Reserve to be developed as a recreation reserve.

Cadastral survey works included:

  • Preparing a survey plan suitable for registration in the Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy, excising the recreation reserve for the proposed ski gardens.
  • Preparing a subdivision proposal plan for the proposed water park and consultation with Barcaldine Regional Council about the Department of Resources’ requirements and procedures.
  • Discussions and proposal lodgement with the Department of Resources.
  • Field survey planning and execution.
  • Completing plan preparation, QA, lodgement with Department of Resources.
  • Negotiating solutions to deal with the old water/land boundary and dealing with post lodgement requirements by the Department of Resources.