Signature Building

Project Details


Wollongong, New South Wales


TDK Corporation


MSR Developments Pty Ltd

The Signature Building

The Signature Building, a luxury six-star development in Wollongong, NSW has been constructed by TDK Corporation on behalf of the developer, MSR Developments Pty Ltd. Within the Signature development, there are 151 residential apartments over 21 levels. The development also features a comprehensive suite of amenities including an array of entertainment facilities such as an open-air cinema. Signature is currently the tallest building in Wollongong, sitting 75 metres in the sky.

The Signature Building has been subdivided, by Masters Surveying, into four stratum allotments, and then subsequently into three strata plans, two residential and one commercial. This allowed the separation of the 151 residential and 7 commercial units, each with a separate Owners Corporation. The building is managed by a Building Committee under the requirements of the Strata Management Statement. This committee comprises representatives from each of the four lots in the stratum subdivision.

Masters Surveying commenced the project in mid-2016. At this time the current developer acquired the property with the development application approved but was seeking to perform some design and concept changes prior to construction. Masters Surveying managed the survey component and assisted in acquiring additional spatial data to enable the revised concept to be developed.

In early 2017 through to the end of November 2020, Masters Surveying provided a full suite of survey services for the development in full construction set out, high precision vertical alignment of the lift and stair core mega structure, high accuracy curved detailed set out in three dimensions for the building façade which transitioned and changed at each level, high accuracy footprint vertical alignment for all external façade alignments, a full three dimensional survey of the completed building structure at the stratum boundary interfaces where limitations in upper and lower heights of the boundaries were developed.