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Cadastral Surveys

Cadastral surveys help to ensure the accurate definition of land parcel boundaries. This branch of surveying is useful across various scenarios, from property identification and development to subdivision and strata titles for commercial premises. Cadastral surveying relates to the determination, re-establishment, identification, or adjustment of land boundaries. Our team can help you with a wide range of cadastral surveying and land development applications.

Our team has developed expertise in cadastral and land development projects, including land tenure and complex land dealings. From new land acquisition and development to subdivision and community title, our surveying services help you to minimise risk and maximise project returns. Our dedicated team helps to ensure seamless development and legal compliance through the application and coordination of all surveying requirements.

At Masters Surveying, we have vast experience with multiple complex land projects. We have expertise in urban growth projects and in rural developments. From complex titling solutions such as stratum subdivision to residential and commercial separation, we can administer surveying tasks based on the specific demands of your project and location.

We offer the following land development services:

  • Property development and infrastructure provision
  • Subdivision, land development, property identification, and site surveys for development planning
  • Building surveys for net and gross lettable area
  • Torrens title, easement, and delimitation plans
  • Dual occupancy developments
  • Rural surveys and subdivisions

Our team at Masters Surveying works closely with the cadastral legal fraternity in Queensland and NSW. We have staff who serve on the Surveyor Board of Queensland and on the Surveyors Trust. Our Wollongong office specialises in all aspects of cadastral surveying. Cadastral Surveys are also available from our other Queensland offices. Please reach out to our team to find out more.