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Civil Construction Surveys

Civil construction survey projects rely on detailed surveying solutions. In order to build complex projects with integrity, project locations and assets need to be analysed, surveyed, and mapped. From road and rail projects to property developments and public infrastructure, quality construction depends on professional imaging. Detailed construction surveys help to align design specifications with project outcomes.

At Masters Surveying, we have vast experience with all aspects of civil construction surveying. We have worked across the commercial and public landscape and have been involved with multiple projects for clients of all sizes and sectors. We have gained experience working for government departments, local councils, and large construction companies. Whatever your needs, we can satisfy your project requirements.

Precise Construction Surveying

Over the years, we have developed a detailed knowledge of multiple construction techniques, along with a strong competency in the methodologies and survey applications required to support them. Depending on your project details, our surveys offer contextual understanding, detailed site information, and comprehensive data collection to help you fulfil all project requirements.

Complex construction projects demand effective surveying solutions. From natural elements and infrastructure assets to property features and utilities, every part of the project needs to be inspected, mapped, and understood. At Masters Surveying, our construction surveys are based on precision and backed by decades of industry experience.

Our construction surveying services include:

  • Road construction – full road and highway construction, drainage and storm water, widenings, pavement rehab, and bridges
  • Structural & mechanical – mechanical installations, conveyors and pipelines, structural steel, modular alignments and positioning
  • Civil surveying – roads, rail, bridges, dams, and tunnels from concept and design to construction and delivery
  • Building construction – industrial, residential, commercial, and state-funded developments from project pre-design phase to site construction and project completion

Civil Construction Surveys Masters Surveying NSW Queensland

Commercial and Residential Buildings

We are experts in surveying solutions for commercial and residential building projects. From small family homes to large residential and commercial developments, accurate surveying helps you to complete your project on time and within budget.

We offer the following property surveying solutions:

  • Pre-construction civil works for large developments – drainage and services installation, piling, bulk earthworks, building pad formation, and early roadworks
  • Building setout and construction – high-rise, industrial warehouses, and residential projects
  • Commercial property solutions – retail, hospitality, and multi-accommodation complexes
  • Survey management for large-scale projects – shopping centre developments, bulk earthworks, services, roading, car park paving, and local road realignments

The Masters Surveying Advantage

At Masters Surveying, we provide complete surveying solutions for a wide array of construction and civil works projects. We have experience with roads, services, boreholes, and buildings, among other project scenarios. Our extremely skilled and experienced team is capable of producing outstanding work to ensure correct location, placement, and design specifications.

If you want a civil construction survey anywhere in Queensland or New South Wales, we are here to help. We have offices in Mackay, Brisbane, Wollongong, Gladstone and Rockhampton. Please reach out to our team to find out more.