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Engineering Surveys

Civil engineering projects demand professional surveying solutions delivered with precision and integrity. From roads and railways to bridges and tunnels, the success of large-scale engineering projects relies on detailed examination and accurate presentation. Surveys highlight geographical boundaries, landscape contours, and infrastructure details to ensure effective and seamless project development.

At Masters Surveying, we provide a wide range of surveying solutions for engineering applications. As the starting point for all developments, surveys are integral to all aspects of value creation, cost estimation, and project scheduling. We provide unique, accurate, and relevant data based on the requirements of your project. Our surveys help to ensure robust developments, profitable outcomes, and project compliance.

Integrated Engineering Surveying

Our surveys help you to develop a contextual understanding of the project and access detailed information across the site. From natural features to adjoining properties and street features, we offer precise and complete surveying solutions that take nothing for granted. When you have access to accurate data, engineers can design, manage, and monitor the entire construction project with confidence.

The quality of the survey produced is largely dependent on the expertise of the surveyor. At Masters Surveying, our extremely skilled and experienced team is capable of producing outstanding work in any scenario. We have received a number of positive testimonials from satisfied clients, with our surveying solutions tested and trusted across the wider community.

Our engineering surveys include:

  • Detail surveys for new or existing roads and intersections
  • Detail surveys for bridges and tunnels
  • Route surveys for gas, water, power, and telecommunications
  • Detail and contour surveys for new developments
  • Hydrographic surveys for boat ramps, wharves, and navigation beacons
  • Mine and quarry site surveys, including volumetric surveys, UAV flyovers, and monitoring walls

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Complete Surveying Solutions

At Masters Surveying, we provide comprehensive surveying solutions for all engineering projects. From roads and tunnels to water and drainage, from new developments to telecommunications, we can help you to map, manage, and control your project with precise imaging and context-rich visuals.

We offer a variety of imaging solutions, including 2D mapping, 3D digital terrain models, and hard copy plans to highlight all site features. Engineers rely on visual information to make good decisions, so our team provides accurate and easy-to-use information throughout the design, construction, and monitoring process.

Masters Surveying operates up and down the east coast, from coastal Queensland to inland New South Wales and beyond. We have office locations in Mackay, Brisbane, Rockhampton, Gladstone, and Wollongong, and the ability to visit any site for detailed inspection.

If you’re looking for a complete engineering surveying solution from a trusted team, please contact Masters Surveying to find out more.