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Structural Surveys

Structural engineering projects demand professional surveying solutions delivered with precision and integrity. From bridges and tunnels, to mechanical structures, the success of large-scale engineering projects relies on detailed examination and accurate presentation. This demanding branch of Surveying requires very high accuracy and attention to design in order to construct the structure for longevity.

Our team have been aligning conveyors, pulleys, rail and all mechanical components for over 10 years. Our accurate alignment surveys increase system efficiency and enable more time between shutdowns due to conveyor belts lasting longer as they run straight.

We have also been involved with onsite rail replacement for stacker reclaimers, upgrades to new stacker reclaimers, assisting with the installation of new conveyors and upgrades for ship loaders. Our team was required to perform high precision pre-assembly survey measurements of the components to be installed and assembled, as well as providing plans, drawings and QA documentation in order for assembly tolerances to be checked, confirmed and approved.

The quality of the survey produced is largely dependent on the expertise of the surveyor. In order to carryout this type of specialised surveying, Masters Surveying must equip their staff with high accuracy instruments and accompanying software suitable for this purpose. At Masters Surveying, our extremely skilled and experienced team is capable of producing outstanding work in any scenario. We have received a number of positive testimonials from satisfied clients, with our surveying solutions tested and trusted across the wider community.

Our structural surveys include:

  • Detail surveys for bridges and tunnels.
  • Alignment Surveys for conveyors, rails and pulleys.
  • Rail replacement for stacker reclaimers.
  • Installation of new conveyors.
  • Upgrades for ship loaders.
  • Alignment and placement of large building structures.
  • Spatial Data scans of structures and wharves.

Our Complete Service

At Masters Surveying, we provide comprehensive surveying solutions for all engineering projects. From wharves and tunnels to mechanical structures and mine infrastructure, from new developments to maintenance projects, we can help you to map, manage, and control your project with precise imaging and context-rich visuals.

We offer a variety of imaging solutions, including 2D mapping, 3D digital terrain models, and hard copy plans to highlight all site features. Engineers rely on visual information to make good decisions, so our team provides accurate and easy-to-use information throughout the design, construction, and monitoring process.

Masters Surveying operates from south of Wollongong to up the east coast of Queensland and beyond to western Queensland. We have office locations in Mackay, Brisbane, Rockhampton, Gladstone, and Wollongong, and the ability to visit any site for detailed inspection.

If you’re looking for a complete structural surveying solution from a trusted team, please contact Masters Surveying to find out more.